Afa Jumpseat Agreements

Recently, we received a number of questions to determine which cabin crew members are entitled to use reciprocal cabin seat agreements. These questions arise because some cabin crew members incorrectly informed new cabin crew members that they were not authorized to use reciprocal cabin seat agreements. It`s imprecise. In 2006, the AFA Board of Directors unanimously adopted a decision to launch a strategic campaign focused on obtaining mutual cabin seat agreements across the industry. Although there were some agreements made by the AFA BOD prior to this action, it was the attention, resources and coordination of AFA leaders and members that advanced these agreements and succeeded in significantly reducing the burden on cabin crew throughout the sector. These benefits were achieved through the cooperation of cabin crew. In addition to the formation of power at the negotiating table, this is an example of the tangible results we are achieving in promoting the first objective of the AFA, which is to bring all cabin crew together. Remember that Horizon Air Flight Attendants is also a member of the AFA and as such, our siblings are welcome when they jump on Alaska. They don`t yet know our Jumpseat label, so it`s our responsibility to explain the expectations to them – for example, when getting out of trouble to facilitate the movement of the car.

Emergency procedures for sitting in jump seats are described in briefing cards in stationery kits. Please be assured that these briefing cards have been verified and approved by your AFA Safety, Security and Security Committee (SHSC). Alaska MEC knows that many are excited about the new Jumpseat agreement between Alaska and Horizon, but that some will also be concerned. Alaska Airlines management indicated that the caller for this test was Carmen Platt – so all returns (positive and negative) should be sent to her. We also invite you to share your comments and/or concerns with your AFA management. We will talk more to management as the test progresses to evaluate the jumpse chord.



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