Bmw Maintenance Program Upgrade Agreement

The BMW maintenance program covers all plant-recommended maintenance work, defined by the Conditional Service System (CBS). Additional special parts that need to be replaced due to normal wear and are not covered by the original limited warranty for the new vehicle, such as brake pads, brake brakes and paper towels, are included, provided the wear exceeds the BMW`s wear limits. All applicable adaptations that are required due to normal operating conditions are also included. 1 BMW Ultimate Care or Ultimate Care coverage applies only to specifications us BMWs imported and distributed by BMW of North America, LLC and sold or leased through BMW Center authorized or its European delivery program or BMW Military sales program. Vehicles purchased or leased by BMW Centers in another country do not qualify for BMW Ultimate Care or Ultimate Care. For more information, see For the 2015 model year or recent vehicles sold or leased by a licensed bmw centre on July 1, 2014, BMW Ultimate Care`s COUVERTURE is not transferable to later buyers, owners or tenants. The availability of BMW Ultimate Care varies depending on the model. BMW vehicles with carbon cermal brakes are not eligible for bmw Ultimate Care upgrades or extensions. Please read or ask your licensed BMW centre for details. There is nothing like driving a BMW.

As long as you own or ed your Ultimate Driving Machine┬«, it`s an experience you deserve every time you`re driving. That`s why BMW offers the full BMW Ultimate Care, Ultimate Care Scheduled, Ultimate Care and Value Service programs – only in your licensed BMW Center.1,2,3 BMW Ultimate ServiceTM includes: The bmw Maintenance Program is the only free maintenance program in the industry that covers wear parts like brake pads and rotors for four years or 50,000 miles, depending on the top. BMW owners pay nothing for all planned inspections, oil dumps, brake pads, paper towel inserts and other wear parts. 4 savings of up to 30% are estimated individually in relation to the payment of each maintenance visit. Your actual savings may vary. 2 The BMW Ultimate Care maintenance program covers all factory-recommended maintenance services defined by the service interval indicator for all new bmw vehicles eligible until the 2016 model year. For the 2004 model year vehicles to the 2016 model year, specific amendments are also covered and need to be replaced due to normal wear. The maintenance period is 4 years or 50,000 miles, depending on the first date. Coverage exclusions include: gasoline, gasoline additives, ice washer liquid, liquid air spillway, battery, tires, wheels, wheel alignment and tyre balancing.

All work must be carried out by a licensed BMW centre. Specific conditions and restrictions can be contained in the service and warranty information brochure.



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