Una Collective Agreement 2020 Lump Sum

The agreement, which applies to registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses, includes a lump sum payment of $2,000 for 2013-14, a lump sum payment of $1,000 and a 2 per cent increase for 2014-15, a lump sum payment of $1,000 and a 2.25 per cent pay increase for 2015-16 and a 3 per cent increase for 2016-2017 Full-time nurses from UN As they also receive additional lump sum payments worth $1,750 per year and nowhere in the recent letter of understanding between the government and the union, there is no explanation as to why taxpayers are looking for these special payments. In fact, it appears that all full-time AAU nurses are eligible for these bonuses, regardless of performance. Part-time and casual nurses receive payments based on the number of hours worked. These additional benefits are quickly added up for nurses and taxpayers. A high-level nurse registered by the ANU is entitled to approximately $20,000 in „benefits/retirements/packages“ per year, as indicated by another CTF freedom of information request. „The very strong vote in favour of this agreement shows how pleased AA members are with the outcome of this round of negotiations,“ AA Vice-President Daphne Wallace said in a press release. „This only allows us to have continuity in care,“ says Colleen Turner, vice president of communications engagement and communications at AHS. „It doesn`t remove any work disorder from the equation for a number of years.“ Sign up to receive daily headlines from Edmonton SUN, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. We found a problem when registering. Please try again A welcome email is on the way.

If you don`t see it, please check your unwanted folder. There is no doubt that nurses provide valuable services. But most Albertans would laugh at the office when we talked to our boss about the kind of benefits nurses in the state of Alberta are getting. Members of the United Nurses of Alberta (UNA) ratified the new four-year contract on Thursday by an overwhelming majority, and union officials say the support is a sign of union members` support for the new contract. Albertans appreciate the hard work nurses do. But struggling taxpayers should not be forced to pay for special benefits. These gilded advantages are proof that there are still places where Kenney can cut before front-line services are affected. It took more than a year of negotiations, but Alberta`s 26,000 nurses finally have a new contract. Franco Terrazzano is the Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. In addition to their generous defined benefit pension, ANU nurses also receive a second pension from taxpayers in the form of RRSP or TFSA contributions for up to 2% of their income.

This could add more than $1,850 a year to the retirement of any top-registered nurse. The union predicts that the agreement will improve patient care by providing safer environments and better patient-patient relationships. The lucrative benefits are superimposed on higher wages in Alberta than in other provinces. An Alberta-registered nurse can earn up to $48.37 per hour. This equates to approximately 92,900 $US per year, more than $8,000 more than the same nurse in British Columbia who works the same number of hours. The CTF estimates that these bonuses for full-time nurses cost taxpayers approximately $20 million annually (based on 43 per cent of nurses in Alberta who are full-time care centres and AHS-UNA). The policy has cost more than $77 million since 2014 and has increased the salaries of eligible nurses by an average of $4,000 in 2018, according to a freedom of information requested by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Starting next year, Alberta nurses will be the highest-paid nurses in the country if other provinces do not increase their salaries. In the real world, it is hard to imagine that



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